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The Authentic Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis treatment program located in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in treating the underlying issues that contribute to addictive pathology by offering comprehensive, clinically-based rehabilitation services, including inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment services. If you would like to learn more about the different programs we provide, visit levels of care. Here you will find important information about the many options available at our Southern California rehab center.

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Depressive disorders vary in both type and severity. There are several different categories of depressive disorders that are effectively treated by ARC. This section of the website offers information about the different types of depressive disorders and also answers the simple question, “What is a depressive disorder?” If you would like to speak with a counselor about the treatment options for depression and depressive disorders call 1 877 415 4673 now. Our credentialed staff will help you by conducting a free assessment to determine what services would be the most effective to reduce symptoms of depression in order to embrace a productive lifestyle of recovery.

What is a Depressive Disorder?

A depressive disorder is a type of illness that involves both mood and thoughts, and even impacts human physiology. This type of disorder affects the way people feel about oneself, the way they think about situations and circumstances, even the way they eat, sleep and generally function from a physical standpoint. Depressive disorders are an illness. They are not a sign of personal weakness or conditions that can be wished or willed away. Unfortunately, people with depressive disorders cannot “pull themselves up by their boot straps” and get better. If people with depressive disorders do not seek treatment, symptoms can last for weeks, months, or years. However, with appropriate treatment, most people that suffer from this type of illness can be effectively treated to the extent they can begin to experience life free from the symptoms, signs and feelings associated with depression.

Complex Definition of Depressive Disorders:

Depression or depressive disorders are types of mental illnesses with characteristics of profound and persistent feelings of sadness or despair often accompanied with a loss of interest in things or activities that were at one time, pleasurable. In many circumstances, depression and depressive disorders encompass symptoms that include disturbances in sleep, appetite, and mental processes.

Types of Depressive Disorders Treated at the Authentic Recovery Center

Depressive disorders are a category of mood disorders. There are essentially three different subcategories of depressive disorders that are treated effectively by the Authentic Recovery Center. Of these three subcategories, there are seven additional subtypes that fall within these three subcategories of depressive disorders that we also offer clinical treatment options for in order to successfully address. There is one subtype of depressive disorder that the Authentic Recovery Center does not treat, which is catatonic-state depression.

The Three Subcategories of Depressive Disorders Treated Effectively at ARC:

  1. Major Depressive Disorder
  2. Dysthymia
  3. Depressive Disorder NOS

The Seven Subtypes of Depressive Disorders Treated Effectively at ARC:

  1. Atypical Depression
  2. Melancholic Depression
  3. Psychotic Major Depression
  4. Postpartum Depression
  5. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  6. Recurrent Brief Depression
  7. Minor Depressive Disorder

To learn more about any of the above illnesses, simply click on the disorder you are interested in learning more about. Remember, this information is not for diagnostic purposes. These links simply offer helpful facts about types of depressive disorders, designed solely to educate interested individuals about the clinical treatment methods available at our facility. If you would like to speak with a counselor about treatment options available for depressive disorders at our dual diagnosis treatment center, call 1 877 415 4673 now.

Call to Speak with a Counselor to Learn More about Treatment for Depressive Disorders

One of the complicated factors in treating people with depressive disorders is determining what came first, the depressive disorder or the addiction. In many situations, addiction and drug abuse result in depression like symptoms. In other cases, addiction and drug abuse are merely a person’s attempt to self-medicate an already pre-existing depressive disorder. The key to unlocking the answer to this question is to undergo effective, clinical treatment. By doing this, people can begin to understand more about how to solve their struggles in life, particularly when their outlook on living is laden with a sense of hopelessness.

If you would like to begin the journey towards self-discovery, call 1 877 415 4673 to speak with a counselor today. Remember, hope is on the horizon – all you have to do is take the first step…

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