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“The first step I took into recovery began with a desperate call to ARC. I was so confused and so frightened I couldn’t make a decision what to do next. But the staff at ARC really helped guide me into the making the best possible decision”

Angie D, Fresno

Getting Started

This section of the website will provide a broad overview of ARC’s Crisis Counseling services, outlining some of the key aspects of our approach and guiding treatment philosophy. If you would like to speak with us about our rehabilitation options, including Dual Diagnosis services and multiple levels of care, call 1 877 415 4673 now.

Learning More

The Authentic Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis drug treatment and alcohol rehab center located in Los Angeles, California, which offers a variety of comprehensive treatment options designed to meet the needs of every individual seeking help. The inpatient packages, which all include medical detox, are broken down into 30, 60, and 90 day stays, all of which are supplemented with family counseling and couples’ counseling, individualized treatment programs, and assorted aftercare services. Aftercare services include day or night care, extended care and after care, and participation in ARC’s alumni program. Regardless of the duration of each stay, the focus is on discovering the foundational causes of addiction, while simultaneously stressing the importance of translating these discoveries into practical action that fosters long-term recovery.

If you would like to speak with us about our rehabilitation options call 1 877 415 4673 now.

Crisis Counseling

In mental Health terminology, crisis is defined by two factors; first, the nature of the precipitating event; second, the way in which an individual responds to the event. Experiences that might require crisis counseling include sustaining catastrophic losses, surviving natural disasters, witnessing accidents, and being victimized sexually or physically. With regard to addiction, crisis can present itself due to the steady erosion of one’s sense of self that occurs as a result of the addictive process. This downward decline, and all of the attendant grief and despair that bottoming out creates, frequently causes psychic upheavals that push people to the brink of their coping capacities.

This is the point at which addicts typically reach out for help; the moment when some variety of insight spontaneously occurs and the individual comprehends the enormity of their dilemma. It is not simply a plea for help, but an acknowledgement (perhaps tacit) that their resources are not enough to carry them through to safety. Generally speaking this moment is impossible to forecast, and for each person the unique way in which they process stress determines how this event takes shape. Frequently, the point at which an addict makes the call for help is also the point at which their inability to cope fully emerges.

At ARC, crisis is regarded as both a consequence and opportunity. This is an element of ARC’s treatment philosophy that distinguishes it from other facilities. For addicts the crises that arise during their addictions inevitably result from poor decision making, and therefore become pivotal points upon which they can learn. Every disaster comes to an end, and with its summation there is also a tremendous opportunity to truly challenge one’s belief system and move forward in one’s life. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, with proper care, catastrophes become the foundation for growth that in turn facilitates long-term recovery. At ARC the purpose of crisis counseling is to provide real-time assistance, while simultaneously helping strategize what the next step should be. Thus, while crises counseling is not intended to provide psychotherapy, is does offer short-term help that fosters long-term stabilization.

For addicts the precipitating factors that induce crises include:

Symptomatically, reactions to these crises include:

  • Isolation or introversion
  • Disbelief and sense of unreality
  • Emotional detachment
  • Anger and irritability
  • Nightmares and other sleep disturbances
  • Forgetfulness
  • Flashbacks
  • Survivor guilt
  • Sustained, hyper vigilance
  • Hopelessness
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Alcohol and drugs use

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above call 1 877 415 4673 now.

Crisis Counseling Resources 

ARC’s Crises counseling involves assessment and planning, usually with the end-goal being helping the addict get into treatment. In this way it is similar to psychotherapy. However, unlike psychotherapy, crisis counseling does not employ the long-term strategies clinicians use in therapeutic relationships. Although there are a number of different Crisis Intervention models, there are several common elements that are consistent among the various theories. These include:

Assessment & Support

The first element of any crisis counseling includes assessing the individual’s current situation. This process involves knowing when to listen to the person, when to ask questions, and the knowledge and experience to utilize all of the immediate, pertinent information to successfully determine the severity and nature of the crisis. During this process, ARC’s crisis counselors help to define the problem while at the same time acting as a source of empathy, acceptance and support. In situations where a crisis has been identified, it is also crucially important to determine whether or not the individual is a threat to themselves, to ensure client safety, both physically and psychologically.

Throughout the assessment phase, ARC’s counselors provide ongoing support and empathy that ultimately assists the person to stabilize. This critical moment must be chaptalized on with unconditional support and reassurance, which hopefully will assist reducing stress and make identifying the best possible course of action easier to identify.

Identifying Coping Skills

In addition to providing support, ARC’s crisis counselors also seek to assist people to identify coping skills to process the crisis at hand. Frequently this involves exploring various solutions to the problem, and practicing stress reduction techniques.

Educating and Informing

People who are experiencing a crisis require information about the nature and scope of their current condition, in addition to helping discover steps they can take to minimize stress. During crisis counseling, ARC’s staff assists the client to understand that their response is not abnormal, but rather transitory. Although to the addict or loved-one  in crisis the situation frequently feels dire and endless, the goal of the crisis interventionist is to help the client understand that with aid they will eventually return to normal functioning.

24/7 Crisis Support 

The journey towards sustainable recovery is characterized by high points, low points and occasional periods of emotional upheavals and stress-filled circumstances. In order to assist people facing these unforeseeable and difficult situations, ARC’s 24 hour crisis hotline is available.

If you are struggling with addiction, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health issues, or just need help dealing with a loved one, call 1 877 415 4673 now. Our credentialed staff will conduct a free assessment and support you in getting the help you need. Remember, “The only failure in life is the failure to act”.

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    • Individualized Treatment

      I’ve been to 4 other drug treatment centers. ARC provided me with more individual treatment than all the others. I am so very grateful I went there.

    • Simply the Best

      The experience I had at the Authentic Recovery Center changed my life. I had been to a lot of other treatment centers and none compared to ARC. The program is simply the best out there.

    • With Gratitude

      I just wanted to take a moment to thank the entire team for all the help and support I received while at ARC. I am celebrating my third year of recovery and I know I wouldn’t be here without the good work you do! Thank you!